31 May

What Is The Best Morton’s Neuroma Treatment Available Today


Once you start to notice that the ball of your foot is becoming very painful to walk on, you may want to go to a doctor in order to figure out if you have Morton’s neuroma. This condition develops over time, usually the result of wearing certain types of shoes that place repetitive pressure on the ball of your foot. Once this tissue becomes inflamed around the nerves in this area of your foot, this is how you will start to feel all of this pain. You can find doctors that understand how this forms, and how to treat it, by searching on the Internet. The following tips will make it easy for you to locate the best Morton’s neuroma physician, a person that can give you access to the best possible treatment.

How Does Morton’s Neuroma Start?

This typically begins when someone is wearing high heels, or if they are playing a sport such as basketball where they are consistently bouncing on the balls of their feet. Repetitive motion is why it occurs, and one of the easiest ways to cause the inflammation to go down is to use ice and anti-inflammatory medications. However, as it gets worse, injections will be necessary. Corticosteroids are often recommended, and although they can be painful going in, they can help reduce the swelling and help you get back to walking normally once again. There have actually been many physicians that have experimented with stem cell research which can help replicate the good cells at the base of your foot. Surgery is another option, but this is the less likely option for most people because one of these other treatments will be able to solve the problem.

How Long Does It Take To See A Reversal Of Morton’s Neuroma?

A reversal of this condition can be done in as little as a few days. This is especially true with a corticosteroid injection. These are designed to reduce inflammation almost instantly, but you may not notice a complete reduction in the size of the inflammation for at least 48 hours. It is recommended that you stay off of your feet as much as possible, and change the type of shoes you’re wearing. If it progresses, it may lead to much more invasive techniques such as surgery in order to remove the cells that are compacting around the nerve cells.

Where Can You Find One Of These Doctors?

It will be very easy to find one of these doctors by searching online. There will be certain professionals that specialize in Morton’s neuroma treatments. You can see comments that people of made about the different doctors that offer this type of help. Those that have the most positive recommendations on the ones that you should choose to use. Once you have set an appointment, you can look forward to resolving this condition very quickly in most cases. If it is caught early, you should have absolutely nothing to worry about, and will likely avoid surgery.

Whether your doctor recommends corticosteroids, stem cell therapy, or simply getting physical therapy and changing your shoes, there will be a way to resolve you. It may take a few weeks to water completely normally, but you will see a definite difference as it gets better. This is one of those conditions that is very fortunate for many people because there are so many treatment options. As long as you are using Morton’s neuroma treatment provider that has high recommendations, you can feel confident that your problem will be resolved very quickly.