12 Sep

Cibo Wine Bar Is One Of The Best Coral Gables Italian Restaurants

Coral Gables Italian Restaurants
Coral Gables Italian Restaurants

I was visiting some family in the Coral Gables, FL area last weekend. I had never been there before, but they recently invited me to stay for a weekend. I live a few hours away, but I decided that I wanted to visit them and take a break from every day life. I drove to Coral Gables and was able to find their house easily using the GPS on my phone. They gave me their address before I left and I put it in the GPS and mapped out my drive. It was no problem at all finding their home.

When I arrived it around 7 o’clock in the evening. None of them had dinner yet and wanted to go out to eat. I was craving Italian food and started looking on my phone for Coral Gables Italian Restaurants. I saw there were a few of them around the area. One of the first ones that popped up on my search was the Cibo Wine Bar. I asked my family if they had been to this restaurant before and they said no they hadn’t, but they had heard great things about their food and their selection of wine.

After hearing what they had to say, and reading reviews online, we decided to go to the Cibo Wine Bar in Coral Gables. They knew where it was at so they drove to the restaurant. They said they have heard such great things about it and always wanted to try it, but usually cooked their food at home. They talked about this restaurant the whole way there.

I was excited to get there and see what their menu looked like and what different types of wine they had available. After a long drive, I wanted to relax and unwind with a glass of wine and dinner. Since I didn’t have to drive home, it made it even more relaxing.

When we arrived, we were promptly seated. We got the menus and they told us which wines they had available. I ordered a glass right from the start and so did my family members.

After a few minutes of looking through the menu we decided what we wanted to get. Our waiter came back and took our orders and got us another glass of wine. It was really good and we all drank it pretty quickly.

Our food arrived pretty quickly and it was really great. The proportions were big and it tasted great. I would go back to the Cibo Wine Bar when I visit my family again. They agree that out of the Coral Gables Italian restaurants, the Cibo Wine bar is the best. They said their friends were right and they would be returning, even though they don’t eat out a lot.

My trip to Coral Gables was a great one and I’m happy I got to see my family for a few days and see the city they live in and experience the best wine and Italian food around.