16 Oct

Laser Quest Is One Of The Best Birthday Party Venues

I was looking for a place to have a party for my 5 year old. We usually had them at our home, but we wanted to do something different this year, especially since he wanted to invite all of his friends from school. I started searching around to find the best birthday party venues around to have a birthday for a 5 year old.

I asked a few of my friends if they knew of any great places to have my son’s birthday party this year. They told me a few places like a pizza place and a bowling alley, but none of those sounded that great to me. Then one of my friends asked me if I had heard about Laser Quest. They said it was a little expensive but that it was a great place to have a birthday party for a 5 year old. They said my son and his friends would love it. I wanted to check more into this so I went online and searched for Laser Quest. I easily found their website and started looking it over and learning about the parties you could have there and the packages that were available for birthday parties. I thought it sounded like the best place of all the birthday party venues I had heard about, but I wanted to discuss it with my husband for making the final arrangements and contacting them to make reservations.

When my husband got home from work I showed him what I found about Laser Quest. I let him look over the website and the packages they had for the parties. He agreed that this would be a great place to have a birthday party and he knew our son would love it. I contacted the nearest Laser Quest the next day to set up reservations for his party. I got all his invitations ready and sent them to school with him so he could invite his class. He was so excited to get to have his party at Laser Quest, especially since he had not been there before.

The day of the party came and I couldn’t wait to see how much my son would enjoy his party. I got all the decorations and final things I needed to pick up before the party like his cake and party favors. Laser Quest was easy to find and we got there about 15 minutes early so we could set up. My son was so excited. All his friends started showing up and many of them had never been there either. They were all so excited.

My son had a great 5th birthday and all his friends had a great time. I was so happy that we found this place and could give him a big party like this. I will definitely consider having a party at Laser Quest again if he wants to do it. Everyone had so much fun at this place.