30 Sep

Enjoy Your Ride And Carry Everything You Need With A Bike Rack

Thule Bike Rack
Thule Bike Rack

Are you an avid biker looking for the best way to carry items on your bike? PartsEngine.ca has what you need! With our extensive inventory, you are sure to find a great bike rack, perfect for carrying anything you need. A rack allows you to carry extra gear or supplies when you are riding. You can either strap the items directly to the rack or hang a pannier or a rack trunk to keep you gear out of the weather. There are both rear and front racks and which is best is really a matter of personal preference.

Rear racks attach to your bike’s braze-on mounts. If there are no braze-on mounts on your bike, you can use metal C-clips instead to mount the rack onto your bike. A front rack is typically used in addition to a rear rack and provides extra space for carrying gear. This type of rack attaches to the front wheel. This added weight can impact balance and steering and are often used by those carrying large amounts of gear.

Another option for carrying supplies when you are riding is a bike trailer. These provide much more space for cargo and can carry much heavier loads. A cargo trailer will usually attach to the rear wheel of your bike. It can be used with both rear and front racks, increasing the amount you can carry.

If you don’t want to leave your gear exposed to the elements, consider adding a gear bag or pannier. These bags provide extra storage space and can be quickly disconnected from your bike so you can carry it with you. This is especially nice if you are making an overnight bike trip. These bags usually attach to your bike with spring-loaded hooks, bungee cords or clips. They can be used on either the front or rear racks.

If you usually use your bike for short trips in good weather, you can go with a basket to carry your items. These are usually attached to the front or the back of the bike. The front basket sits in front of the handlebars and the rear baskets are mounted on the rear wheel.

Another way to carry items is using saddle packs. These are smaller bags and are good for carrying smaller items such as tire levers, multi-tools, patch kits, spare tubes, or even an energy bar. These are also called under seat bags, saddle bags, or seat bags and fit under the seat of your bike.

A handlebar pack is attached to your handlebars and is easier to access than other types of packs or bags. This makes it perfect for carrying items you use frequently such as snacks, sunscreen, or a camera.

If you need something larger than a seat bag, but smaller than a pannier, consider a rack trunk. They are a good size for carrying bike tools, extra clothing, and even lunch.

If you enjoy taking long rides on your bike, you will most likely be carrying gear. Find the right bike rack to carry everything you need at PartsEngine.ca